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Justine Larbalestier: Magic’s Child

05 Jul 2008 · No Comments

My expectations for Magic’s Child were very high, and they weren’t quite met. The first novel in the series, Magic or Madness, introduced a remarkably fresh conception of magic in the modern-day world, (as well as exploring the author’s own experiences with transcontinental transitions in a fantastic context). The sequel Magic Lessons deepened and extended Larbalestier’s world.

This, the concluding volume of a more-or-less self-contained trilogy, introduces fewer new elements than the previous books; mostly it lets the characters and situations set up in the previous volumes run toward their resolutions. Magic’s Child wraps up the major plot elements in a thematically appropriate fashion (but leaves plenty of unresolved threads from which to weave possilbe sequels). It continues to effectively exploit tension between the realistically depicted emotional life of its principals and the use of magic powers to actualize adolescent alienation and the growing dread of mortality. I found it satisfying and enjoyable, but markedly less surprising than the previous books.

needs more demons? mmmmaybe.

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