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Entries from Jul 2012

Justin Halpern: I Suck at Girls

30 Jul 2012 · No Comments

Halpern, if you don’t recognize the name, is that guy who parlayed a twitter feed about the stuff his dad says into a career/TV deal/etc..
I’m not a fan of the twitter; I tried it and found it a bit too much of a not-so-good thing. But it was sometimes amusing, and I was curious what [...]

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Heather Donahue: Growgirl

28 Jul 2012 · No Comments

When I heard of this book, it sounded like the real-life counterpart of Weeds: Donahue, an actress in career free-fall after a successful movie failed to result in a viable career, decides that raising pot sounds like a viable make-ends-meet option, and makes other highly questionable choices; some whacky and some racy stuff ensues.
In [...]

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Walter R. Brooks: Freddy Goes Camping

26 Jul 2012 · No Comments

I was compelled to read Freddy Goes Camping by Mari Ness’s appreciation Pigs! With! Ghosts! at, which covers pretty much everything that struck me about this book — the who-knows-where-it-will-veer-nextness of the plot, the slight accidental (I think) creepiness (Pig! Eating! Bacon! / Very! Ill-advised! DDT protocols!), the odd mix of mild instruction (both [...]

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Jonathan Tropper: This Is Where I Leave You

18 Jul 2012 · No Comments

Warning: This is going to be one of those godawful reviews that may tell you nearly as much about the reviewer as about the book.
At the outset of This Is Where I Leave You, narrator Judd Foxman’s life has fallen into a shambles after he discovered his wife was having an affair with his boss, [...]

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Jennifer Traig: Devil in the Details – Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood

09 Jul 2012 · No Comments

Traig’s memoir of growing up beset by scrupulosity, a form of OCD manifesting as extremes of religious observance, was often very funny. This was a multiple-guffaw read for me. And beyond its entertainment value, it’s informative and sometimes insightful.
I found its structure a little perplexing; it’s somewhere between a linear coming-of-age memoir and a [...]

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Daniel Radosh: Rapture Ready!

09 Jul 2012 · No Comments

Rapture Ready!, an outsider’s tour of many facets of evangelical Christian culture was entertaining and informative, lucidly and sometimes even beautifully written. I already knew about the existence of the near-oxymoronic music genre Christian black metal and Left Behind novels, but I had no clue about Christian wrestling or superheroes like Bibleman. Depending on [...]

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