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Entries from Feb 2012

Jonathan Stroud: The Amulet of Samarkand

26 Feb 2012 · No Comments

The Amulet of Smarkand demonstrated that it’s a book with the wherewithal to totally sidestep my critical sensibilities on its very first page. It opens with a description of a magician summoning a supernatural entity that is nicely atmospheric, but that will feel comfortable, even familiar, to readers familiar with the genre tropes — and [...]

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Tags: a-title · fantasy · s-author · young adult

Bill Loehfelm: The Devil She Knows

20 Feb 2012 · No Comments

Loehfelm’s noirish suspense novel revolves around a memorable trio of characters. Maureen Coughlin is tough, canny, and proud. She’s in a dead-end waitressing job, struggling mightily to make ends meet. She’s a little hard to like and makes some poor choices, but Loehfelm gets the reader well inside her head, so even her worst behavior [...]

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Tags: d-title · l-author · suspense

Debbie Millman: Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits

01 Feb 2012 · No Comments

Brand Thinking offers 22 short interviews with an astounding array of heavy hitters in branding, identity design, and related disciplines. It’s a fascinating and invigorating read. Millman coaxes the likes of Tom Peters and Karim Rashid into moments of almost shocking candor; Dori Tunstall and Alex Bogusky unflinchingly address issues of social and environmental [...]

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