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Entries from Mar 2011

Jack Finney : I Love Galesburg in the Springtime

30 Mar 2011 · 1 Comment

I found reading I Love Galesburg in the Springtime an odd, almost dislocating experience. The well-worn Newton library copy that I borrowed was a first printing — nearly fifty years old. But the thematic thread of nostalgia runs through many of these ten stories, perhaps most bluntly stated in “The Love Letter,” in which the [...]

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Daniel H. Pink : Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

29 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Pink is an engaging writer, and I certainly was entertained by and learned useful things from Drive. It examines the difference between extrinsic motivation (e.g., “I want to earn a million by the the time I’m 35″) and intrinsic motivation (e.g., “I want to be the best criminal lawyer in the state.”), and argues, with [...]

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Conrad Williams: Use Once, Then Destroy

27 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Williams brings a number of good, and often slightly contradictory, tricks to bear in this collection of 17 stories spanning a dozen years of his career:

His prose juxtaposes lyrical, even pastoral imagery with the ugliness of urban decay. The book is full of description like, “There was a moon low in the sky, like an [...]

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Nancy Farmer : The House of the Scorpion

12 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Nancy Farmer crafts an uncomfortably credible dystopian environment in The House of the Scorpion, mostly with just two speculative elements: viable human cloning (with clones treated as chattel) and an uneasy détente between the U.S. and major drug cartels, with the cartels offered non-interference in exchange for border control assistance. I wanted to not believe [...]

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Tags: f-author · h-title · science fiction · young adult

Lisa Goldstein : Walking the Labyrinth

05 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Walking the Labyrinth doesn’t sound like it should work anywhere near as well as it does. Molly Travers, a young woman in the modern day Bay area, finds herself investigating her ancestors, a loose-knit family troupe of illusionists who may have commanded powers beyond mere illusion. In addition to structuring the novel around a well-worn [...]

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