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Entries from Nov 2010

Steve Hely: How I Became a Famous Novelist

30 Nov 2010 · No Comments

How I Became a Famous Novelist is a tidy, and very funny, example of simultaneous multi-layer cake having/eating. Bitter Pete Tarslaw decides the best way to get back at his ex-girlfriend is to write a chart-topping novel. He inventories the best seller list, discards genre fiction as requiring too much actual work, and decides to [...]

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Lou Anders (ed.): Masked

29 Nov 2010 · No Comments

Lou Anders’ anthology of original superhero-themed short fiction caught my eye not so much because I’m in love with the genre, but because I liked the idea of a contributor list including both writers from the comic book world (like Bill Willingham, Mike Baron, Peter David, Marjorie Liu, and Gail Simone) and prose sf authors [...]

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Tags: a-author · fantasy · m-title · science fiction

Joe Hill: Horns

17 Nov 2010 · No Comments

I started reading Horns with one of those ebook free sample chapters. Hill hooked me with his first four sentences:
Ignatius Martin Perrish spent the night drunk and doing terrible things. He woke the next morning with a headache, put his hands to his temples, and felt something unfamiliar, a pair of knobby pointed protuberances. He [...]

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Tags: fantasy · h-author · h-title · horror

Beard, Donihe, Duza, et al: The Bizarro Starter Kit (Orange)

15 Nov 2010 · No Comments

I hoped The Bizarro Starter Kit would help me figure out if I’d like bizarro fiction, a genre self-defined by a loose collective of writers with a shared love of cult/trash cinema. It didn’t. The Bizarro Starter Kit makes the case that there’s too much going on for me to dismiss it, and too much [...]

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Charles Yu: How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

04 Nov 2010 · No Comments

I’ve been mulling over How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe for a couple of weeks now, and frankly, I’m not sure I completely get it. But I enjoyed reading it a lot, and I’ve also enjoyed thinking about the author’s choices, and why I can’t quite make coherent sense of them. Although [...]

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Tags: fiction · h-title · y-author

Dia Reeves: Bleeding Violet

03 Nov 2010 · No Comments

I read Bleeding Violet on Justine Larbalestier’s recommendation, and it strikes me that it has some common elements with Larbalestier’s (très nifty) “Magic” series: both feature estranged families struggling towards reconcilation and less than wholly sane characters. Reeves also eschews standard supernatural fare (vampires, zombies, et al) in favor of inventing a mythos that draws [...]

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Tags: b-title · fantasy · r-author · young adult