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Entries from Jul 2008

J.F. Lewis: Staked

05 Jul 2008 · No Comments

I picked up Staked (or as my wonderful girlfriend prefers to call it, on account of the cover art, Stacked) because I thought it looked like a pleasantly trashy read for a business trip. Perhaps unfortunately for it, I didn’t actually read it unitl I got home.
It has a good first sentence:

Somewhere in the middle [...]

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Tags: fantasy · l-author · s-title · thriller

Justine Larbalestier: Magic’s Child

05 Jul 2008 · No Comments

My expectations for Magic’s Child were very high, and they weren’t quite met. The first novel in the series, Magic or Madness, introduced a remarkably fresh conception of magic in the modern-day world, (as well as exploring the author’s own experiences with transcontinental transitions in a fantastic context). The sequel Magic Lessons deepened and extended [...]

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Tags: fantasy · l-author · m-title · young adult