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Entries from Feb 2008

Mark Kurlansky: Salt – A World History

27 Feb 2008 · 1 Comment

Several people asked me what I was reading while my answer included “a book about the history of salt.” To my bemusement, this answer was usually greeted with a drawn-out, “oh-kaaay” that seemed to ask, “Why would you want to read that?” if not “Why would anyone want to write that?”
The reaction puzzled me. Before [...]

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Susanna Clarke: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

01 Feb 2008 · No Comments

There is so much that’s good, even excellent, about this novel that I feel a little churlish for stating that the primary impression it left me with was one of disappointment, but that is the case, and the disappointment doesn’t arise solely as a consequence of the many accolades and awards heaped on it (although [...]

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