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Entries from Oct 2006

Justine Larbalestier: Magic Lessons

16 Oct 2006 · 1 Comment

I think it would probably occur to me to compare and contrast the first two volumes of Larbalestier’s “Magic or Madness” trilogy with the first two books of Scott Westerfeld’s “Midnighters” trilogy even if I didn’t know the two authors were partners. Many novels feature teenage protagonists simultaneously blessed and cursed with special powers, but [...]

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Maureen Johnson: Devilish

13 Oct 2006 · No Comments

Maureen Johnson’s Devilish commanded my attention as soon as I heard first of it (via Westerblog, of course). The potent combo of demonic subject matter, a Providence RI setting, and a cover that evokes one of my favorite Penelope Houston albums added up to a heaping helping of positive associations and I requested Devilish from [...]

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Diana Peterfreund: Secret Society Girl

12 Oct 2006 · No Comments

I’ve been on such a major Scott Westerfeld kick for most of this year that not only am I reading everything of his I can get my hands on, I’m subscribed to the Westerblog and I read some of the other young adult books he talks up there, too. Here’s one:
Diana Peterfreund’s debut novel Secret [...]

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